Marius Gysbertus Botha Will Assume the Position of Production Director of Avellana Gold Marius Gysbertus Botha Will Assume the Position of Production Director  of Avellana Gold

Marius Botha, the expert in mining and mineral processing, will assume the position of Production Director of Avellana Gold. Mr. Botha has over 20 years of experience of work in transnational gold mining companies.

 He graduated from metallurgical engineering at the North-West University of South Africa. Previously held management positions in such international gold mining companies as Anglo American, Gold Fields, Barrick Gold. Marius Botha had been engaged in the launch and leading of mineral processing projects, optimization of production processes, people management, establishing all associated policies, procedures and rules. 

“Currently, the company is implementing an environmental project in accordance with international standards. Within it, the company processes dumps located on the surface of the Muzhievo deposit. The ores are processed by an environmentally friendly gravity technology using mechanical crushing and ordinary water in a closed production cycle. We support the principles of eco-oriented approach and responsible business with respect to the environment and the local community of the region”, says Marius Botha regarding plans for the work at Avellana Gold's production.

 Avellana Gold Ltd. is an international mineral exploration and development company dedicated to the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral resources. The company has gathered a team of professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of mining, who are known for their projects in Canada, the Republic of Congo, the Republic of Guinea, and Kazakhstan. Avellana Gold has been operating in Ukraine since 2016 and currently invests in the development of gold-polymetallic ore deposits in Transcarpathia.